En esta sección puedes ver cuáles son los workshops del proyecto “Undergrounding London”. Tras sus títulos aparecen las introducciones que los alumnos encuentran en cada uno de ellos; así podéis descubrir las diferentes situaciones que viven durante su estancia virtual en Londres, en la que perfeccionan su inglés en “The Wembley School of English”. Son los siguientes:

Workshop 1 – Introducing London

London will become a very important city to all of you this school year. Maybe you wonder why, and the reason is because very soon you will pretend to travel to London in order to study English there and visit several of its popular places of interest.

Uly is Undergrounding London’s mascot. He is a London teenager who loves music, sport and travelling around his city on the Underground. Uly will be your guide on this virtual trip. Yesterday he sent an e-mail telling you about his wonderful city. Before you read it you will do a short quiz on London. Let’s begin!

Uly in front of Tower Bridge
Workshop 2 – The Tube

Once you are in London you will often move around the city. You will mainly travel on the Underground to get to the different places of interest that you will visit. That’s why you must learn how the Underground works as well as the specific vocabulary about the Tube.

The London Tube map will be a very useful tool: it will help you get around the city and improve your English too. Let’s begin!

Uly waiting for the Tube
Workshop 3 – Studying English in London

Three months ago you and your best friend applied for a grant to study at a language school in London. It is a good way to improve your English, to know an amazing city, and to meet new people.

You were both given the grant and the day has come to fly to Heathrow airport. When you arrive there, you will need some information because you do not know how to get to your school. It is called “The Wembley School of English” and it is near North Wembley Tube station.

At Heathrow Visitor Centre the information assistants will show you a Tube map and tell you how to get from the airport to Wembley by Underground. They will say there is an Underground station at the airport.

Helena and Ivan in class at The Wembley School of English
Workshop 4 – William Shakespeare

When you get to the school this morning you will see a poster for a performance of “Romeo & Juliet” at the Globe Theatre later today. At your school in your country you read their love story; you think it’s so beautiful. Now you are in London and you would love to attend the performance of the play at the Globe Theatre.

You do not know how to get there so in class you will ask your Hungarian friends Edit and Bernát for help. They have been in London for five months and they have travelled by Underground on their own a few times.

Edit and Bernát will show you a Tube map and tell you how to travel from North Wembley to the Globe Theatre on the Underground.

Shakespeare’s home in Stratford upon Avon
Workshop 5 – Shopping at Camden Town

Someone in your country told you not to miss Camden Market, a very popular street- market in London.

Today is Friday and the weather forecast for the weekend is excellent: it will be sunny and warm. You think a nice plan for Saturday is going to Camden, doing some shopping, and enjoying the atmosphere and the lovely weather. However you don’t know how you can travel to Camden from your school.

Two of your classmates are Italian. They are called Alessandra and Simonetta and they have already been to Camden, so you will ask them and they will tell you how to get there by Tube.

Uly strolling in Camden Town
Workshop 6 – Christmas in London

Christmas is really exciting in London. Oxford Street is one of its most famous shopping streets. This evening it’s the switching on of its Christmas lights and you would like to go after school. A special event will take place at a department store near Marble Arch. Later you would like to go ice-skating at Somerset House.

You do not know how to get to those places, so at the school you will ask your Greek and Russian friends Aristo and Natasha for help. They will show you a Tube map and tell you how to travel from the school to Central London by Underground.

Uly skating at Somerset House ice-rink
Workshop 7 – Bed & Breakfasts

Your eldest sister, Laura, and one of her best friends, Gloria, are going to visit you in London. They will be there for a long weekend and they would like you to take them to the most popular places of interest.

Laura and Gloria will stay at a bed & breakfast in south London. It is called Clapham House, near Clapham South Tube station. They have cheap return tickets to Stansted airport in north London. From the airport they will take the train to Liverpool Street railway station.

When they are at the railway station they will need some information because they do not know how to get to their bed & breakfast. At the Visitor Centre in the railway station the information assistant will show Laura and Gloria a Tube map and tell them how to travel from Liverpool Street to Clapham by Underground. They will say there is an Underground station at the railway station.

Laura and Gloria arriving at their bed & breakfast
Workshop 8 – London, a melting pot

One of the girls from the staff at the school, called Sarah, lives in Hounslow. It is a beautiful and cosmopolitan borough in West London. Sarah is really friendly and loves speaking to and helping all the students.

Earlier today, when you were at break time at the school backyard, you met Sarah. She was having a sandwich while texting a couple of messages. You started speaking and Sarah invited you to her birthday party on Sunday.

On Sunday morning Sarah will call you to say how to get to Hounslow by Underground. She will ask you to look at a Tube map and tell you how to travel from North Wembley Tube station to the nearest Tube station for her house, Hounslow Central Tube station. She will be waiting for you at the station.

The parade at Notting Hill Carnival
Workshop 9 – Swinging London

Do you spend many hours listening to music on your mobile phone and tablet? Are you crazy about going dancing or to concerts? Do you like to collect everything related to your favourite bands and singers? You are now in London, the world capital city of music, where you can find everything concerning music: the most popular bands, the best shops, clubs, concerts, venues…

Next Friday there will be an amazing pop concert at the O2 Arena in East London. Yesterday you saw a poster on a bus shelter and don’t want to miss the chance to have an unforgettable evening.

At the school you will tell some friends about the gig and you all decide to go together. On the Internet you will look for info about the 02 and how to get there by Tube. Get ready, and enjoy a lot!

The Beatles on Abbey Road’s world-famous crossing
Workshop 10 – A part-time job in London

At the school you have friends from all over the world. Some of them live with you at the halls of residence, some others live with English families, and a few of them live in flats and apartments with other students.

Your classmates Marie and Claudia live with two different families in Hampstead; they also work as baby-sitters for them and look after their children. Next Wednesday afternoon they are going to take the children to a pantomime at Hampstead Heath.

Later today they will invite you to come with them and you decide to go and meet the children. So you will ask them and they will tell you how to get there by Tube.

Olga babysitting on Westminster Bridge
Workshop 11 – Trafalgar Square

Whenever you can, you attend events at places of interest in the afternoons and evenings. Eye-catching exhibitions in the museums, sport & music shows in the parks, or street performances in the squares and other open spaces.

Later today while you both are waiting for your next lesson at the school, your Portuguese classmates Fernando and Fatima will arrive. They will tell you that they have just seen a poster for a skate competition tomorrow from 3 in the afternoon at Trafalgar Square: the best skaters around the world, live music, and graffiti workshops.

You decide to go all together. The nearest Tube station for the square is Charing Cross. You will take your Tube map and check how to get there by Underground.

Uly taking photographs at Trafalgar Square
Workshop 12 – Sports in London

Your parents wanted to visit you and know the city. They arrived in London yesterday and will be in the city for five days. They are staying at a hotel near the British Museum and you will meet them everyday after school.

Your parents love tennis and tomorrow morning they would like to visit the All England Lawn Tennis Club, where the Wimbledon Championships are held every summer.

You won’t be able to go with them because you have an important exam, so you will look for info on the Internet, check the closest Tube station for the Club, and tell them how to get there by Underground.

The centre court at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club